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Start your own Tubz business!


  • Backed by a team with over 10 years experience in the vending industry
  • No experience required 
  • No management or annual fees
  • Sponsored by national charity
  • High product mark-ups
  • Low start-up costs 
  • Opening inventory provided
  • Start full or part time
  • Your locations are producing cash flow from day one 
  • No competition

Why Choose Vending?

Vending is an excellent business to go into. It is very versatile whether full or part time, it’s a cash rich business with no bad debts, no staffing problems, and very little storage area needed.

Unlike a traditional business you are not saddled with a fixed location which could go down in popularity, if a site doesn’t perform you can easily move to another more profitable site (also of course no business rates) also your vending towers operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When you are at home or on holiday, even if you are unwell, what other business can offer that!

Why Choose Us?

Tubz Europe is the largest and most successful Vending Tower and product manufacturer in Europe.

How it works

The vending towers of sweets and snacks are placed in venues that we have already sourced for you, requiring no commitment or obligation from the participating site owner or manager.

Customers can choose their sweets & snacks of up to nine different varieties, the cash is placed in the in the coin mechanism and with a twist their Tubz of sweets drops out of the shoot.

Every 1-2 weeks you visit the venue, take the money, clean & re-stock the tower with more sweets & snacks – either pay the venue their commission or put aside the charity commission for payment once a month – It couldn’t be easier!

Your Market

The market for this product is enormous and includes every business (venue) that has a good foot fall. The list is endless; just calculate how many business parks, pubs, industrial estates, shopping malls, ice rinks, hotels, bowlingalleys, activity centers, garden centers, supermarkets, airports, holiday camps, and children’s play centers along with many other locations you have around you.

They are all your potential customers.


Free Business Pack and Samples

Apply right now for your free business package and product samples, to see how a Tubz vending franchise can work for you.

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Important information

More and more people are attracted to Tubz Business Bundles because it is less risky than setting up a business alone.

In return for an initial investment you will get all your equipment & help from Tubz Europe, with setting up, help in running the business and you buying into a winning formula.

More people are searching out Tubz Europe wanting to join the best winning formula in tower vending in Europe

Included in your bundle

All things mentioned below are included in your startup business bundle.

There is already stock included in your business bundle so you can start making money from day one:


  • 24/7 technical support 
  • Online support and advise
  • Full training programme
  • Corporate clothing for you and your employees
  • Sticker sets
  • Towers and Floor Stands
  • Stock for your Towers
  • 2 years guarantee on all Towers and equipment

What you DON’T have to pay:

  • Monthly or annual management fees
  • Site license fees
  • Penalties for late payments
  • Hidden costs or royalties

Exclusive product assortment

Your new business bundle will contain world famous, brand name products like Maoam, M&M’s, Skittles, Snickers, Haribo and more!


Tubz Europe offers opportunities

We offer you the opportunity to join our unique and winning formula which is currently being operated by more than two hundred and fifty licensees in Europe.

Our unrivaled business bundles are available from just Euro 2499, – (ex VAT) and can be tailored to the needs of each individual, both full and part-time. You can already participate by making a small investment that will ensure that you will earn cash money from day one! Your towers will work for you 24/7, whether you’re at home, on vacation or even when you’re sick!

When you join Tubz Europe you will know you are joining the biggest and best company in the Tower Vending Business, with exclusive reliable Tubz Towers, Pringles Towers and Toys Towers, including many major brands like Haribo, Nestle and many more.

You will be a success from day one with our in-depth training, corporate backing, fast deliveries, video training and engineer help line all free to our licensed operators you will have the best possible start and we will be with you all the way.

Remember it is our interest to make sure you are successful! What’s more we do NOT offer other services like own brand labelling or sell our products to wholesalers because it would water down the excellent service we offer to our licensed operators and restrict our full site protection scheme.

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