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Accessories TapasTower 

Below you will find all the accessories you need for your TapasTower!

Floor Stand

The Floor Stand is the ideal solution for the problem of having no space on the bar or wall. By using the Floor stand you can position the machine in the most suitable place for your customers.


Material: Cast Iron base and steel pipe

Color: black

Measurements: diameter: 45 cm, height: 90 cm

Wall Bracket

The wall bracket is the ideal solution for sites which are very crowded and with a little less supervision available. It will avoid the machine being carried away from the site by thieves or pranksters as it is attached to the wall. It will also save precious space for the site owner while you still ahve a chance to site the machine.


Material: steel

Color: black

Measurements: Diameter: 50 cm, height: 90 cm

Sales Flyer

This sales flyer provides all the information site owners need when a TapaTower is sited at their location. Everything is mentioned in the flyer: the agreement, commission and other important information.

Sticker set products

TapaTower product stickers are very important for the visibility of the products in the machine. The nicely designed stickers will draw more attention to the machine and products and will stimulate impulse sales.

Order lists

The order lists for the TapaTower are used when the TapaTowers are being refilled on site. They contain important information, such as turnover, commission and the amount of products sold.

The order lists are made up in threefold so that you can keep 2 copies for yourself and you can give one to the site owner.


In order to create unity and recognition for customers it is important to keep uniformity in company clothing.

We offer clothing fit for all seasons in TapaTower style. Type of clothing we offer: t-shirts, sweaters, polo shirts, sleeveless jacket, caps, etc.

Spare parts

We keep enough stock of spare parts at all times so that we can quickly solve and problems that may occur caused by vandalism or normal wear and tear.

Contact us for the spare parts you require.

"We gebruiken uw persoonlijke informatie om u de service te bieden waar u om vraagt (bijvoorbeeld het verwerken van uw bestelling). We kunnen deze informatie mogelijk ook gebruiken voor controle-, onderzoeks- en analysedoeleinden met als doel onze technologie en dienstverlening te verbeteren. We zullen deze informatie niet doorgeven aan derden."

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