How it Works

Have you already decided that franchise is the right choice for you? Or are you still orienting yourself about what kind of business you want to start? Either way, our Tubz franchise formula is an excellent choice. Tubz is suitable for anyone who wants to start their own successful business immediately because it is a proven franchise concept in several countries.

We have put together 4 different franchise packages depending on how much you want to invest, so options for everyone to start! You can make it big or keep it small, so you determine your own growth without obligations or pressure.

Because you can easily move our Tubz machines to other locations, you can easily ensure that your machine is optimally profitable. Our callcenter will quickly find new locations for you if you want to change locations or expand your area. We do not work with defined regions so that you have every opportunity to expand.

The costs for starting a Tubz franchise are minimal: for example, you do not need business premises or personnel. So you can do without high fixed costs. Contrary to other types of companies, as a Tubz franchise entrepreneur, you are the full owner of all stock, snack towers and accessories. Because you do not pay any franchise fees, royalties or other payments, you have a clear picture of what you will earn. start earning pure cash income from day one.

What do you get with a franchise package?

All our franchise packages are all-inclusive and contain everything you need to start a successful Tubz vending franchise and start making money from day one!

All packages include the following:

  • 2 year warranty on the Towers and accessories
  • Towers and stands
  • Stock for your Towers
  • Placement locations for your Towers
  • Product stickers
  • Personalized Tubz Business Cards
  • Complete training package
  • Ongoing support and advice
  • 24/7 maintenance service and online advice
  • Free transport

Contact us and start your Tubz business today!

We are ready to answer all your questions and let you start your own successful business today

If you would like to become a valued Tubz Partner, simply contact us by phone so we can discuss your business needs. Our friendly customer service will ensure that you receive a tailor-made enterprise package with no hassle and the guarantee that you will start making money from day one.

Call us now at +31 (0)40 8416789 for an informal conversation, you will get answers to any question you might have about our services or products.